Rain Poncho Supplies for Retailers

Attention to retail outlets that sell outdoor wear, bike,scooters and mobility equipment.

We have special deals if you wish to retail our rain ponchos.

Our company is the Australian distributor for these rain ponchos that have been very popular with people who use scooters, bikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. They have told us they have been looking for wet weather gear and have not been able to find anything suitable and at a reasonable price. These products are unique in Australia and would be an added service to your customers.

These ponchos can be worn over the rider and the bike, scooter and mobility aid, thus protecting the electric/battery parts of the machine. It can also be used as a cover when not in use. Many of our customers have told us they are able to go out in their scooter in rainy weather, or if rain is threatening. Another positive feature is that it provides a wind break when the rider wears the poncho down over their knees in windy weather.

Rain ponchos can be purchased in any quantity or colour by contacting us via email, phone or our website.

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